• A Buckle Collar or Martingale Collar. If you have a Harness for your Dog you may use that.

  • A 4-6 ft. non-retractable Leather, Cotton Web or Nylon Web Leash.

  • Lots of Small, Soft, Very Special Treats that are used only for Class (i.e. Hot Dogs, Cheese, etc.)

  • A Container for Treats that is EASY to access (Fanny Pack, Nail Apron, Treat Pouch, etc.).

  • Proof of Current Vaccinations, which can be brought the FIRST NIGHT of CLASS. (Puppies just need to have begun their shots.) MOTC does not require but STRONGLY recommends Bordatella Inoculations.

General Information

All Classes are taught by MOTC Volunteer Members.

Family members are welcome; Junior Handlers MUST have a Parent Present. Children should be QUIET so as not to Disturb the Class.

Bring a Water Bowl if you wish.

Come a few minutes early to allow your Dog to Eliminate before class in the DESIGNATED AREA (Signs say, POTTY AREA). Please be RESPONSIBLE for Cleaning Up After Your Dog. BAGS are AVAILABLE.

Female Dogs in Season(Heat) are NOT PERMITTED in CLASS.